Vol. 2 1, Muharramul Haram 1417 May, 1996 No. 1

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Topics In this Issue:

Back To Basics - - Continued

Virtues of The Month - - - Muharramul Haram

Virtues of Every Day D'uaas (supplication)

Virtues of Sunnah - - 'Amaamah (Turban)

VIRTUES Of UNITY {continued} Surah 3 - Ayah 102-109

VIRTUES Of SALATAD DUHA - - Nafl----- 4, 8, or 12 Raka'ahs

VIRTUES Of RECITING THE HOLY QURAAN - - Virtues of Surah Al Faatihah continued

Grateful Acknowledgment

Virtues of Knowledge - - of Fiqh and Shairah (continued)

There Are The "Doers"

Salaatunnabi Durood -recited by Hadrat Sayyadina UWAIS QARNI

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We wish to convey to our readers greetings on the New Muslim year and pray that Allaah may bestow upon you and your families His choicest blessings during the year 1417 Al Hijri. May we all enjoy increasingly, the virtues of a truly Islamic Life both in this world as well as in the Hereafter. May all the Muslims around the world discover that feelings of love and respect for each other and goodwill towards humanity in general are inborn and inherent in our real nature. May this discovery of our true nature lead to the unity of the Ummah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad as it existed between the Sahaba Kiram {companions} Ridwanallah Alaihim Ajuma'een, during the glorious time when the beloved of Allaah Prophet Muhammad was among them. Ameen * Ameen * again.

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BACK TO BASICS {continued}

After the expression of the Kalimah "Ashhadu Al La Ilaha Illallah Wa Ashhadu 'Anna Muhammadan Abduhu Wa Rasooluhu," with the tongues and ratifying this truth from the deepest recesses of our hearts, the very first command that we have accepted to carry out from our Lord the Creator of the universe {by dint of committing ourselves to the belief and expression of His Lordship over us} is to perform Salah 5 times every day at the appointed times for the rest of our lives. As it will unfold in due course, literally there is no excuse, that Allaah will accept for not carrying out this fundamental and basic duty, which keeps us in the fold of Islam. Let us examine, the great importance of this daily worship. All the other commands of Allaah were conveyed to humanity through the revelations {wahi} in the Holy Quran. The gift of Salah for us, you will realize, was bestowed, when Allaah transported His Beloved to His Presence during the Night of Ascension {Isra Mi'raj}. Our Lord The Creator out of Infinite Compassion and Mercy for the Ummah {followers] of His Own Beloved Prophet granted us our own ascension {Miraj} in His Compassionate and August Presence, not once in a lifetime BUT 5 TIMES EVERY DAY for ALL of OUR ADULT LIVES! Salah therefore is also named "Mi'raj ul Mumineen" {Ascent of His True Believers to His Glorious Presence}

Our dear readers, Muslim brothers, sisters, elders, and children, this gift is unparalleled and precious beyond human imagination. The little price we pay is a few minutes out of 24 hours every day, and the reward is closeness to The Most Merciful and the Most Majestic Lord of the Universe and unimaginable bounties in Paradise for Eternity! A bargain, none of us would want to miss. (More in our next issue, InshaAllah Ta'alaa)

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VIRTUES of THE MONTH Muharramul Haram

Hadrat Abu Qataadah narrated that the Beloved Prophet the Rasoolallah said: I hope from Allaah that {in His consideration} The day of Aashura {Tenth day of Muharram Ul Haram} will atone for the previous {the past year}. {Tirmidhi}

Hadrat Ibn 'Abbas has narrated that the Beloved of Allaah, Muhammad said: The person who fasts on Aashura {tenth day} of Muharram will be given Thawab {rewards} of 10,000 angels and Thawab of 10,000 people who perform Hajj and 'Umrah. Any one who strokes affectionately an orphan's head, Allaah will increase his station in Paradise by the number of hair on the orphan's head and any one who feeds a fasting True Believer at Iftar {breaking the fast} it would be considered as if he fed at Iftar all the Ummah of Hadrat Rasoolallah , till their stomachs are full.

The companions {may Allaah be pleased with them all} respectfully submitted O Rasoolallah Allaah has given to the 10th day of Muharram, more greatness than all other days. He replied Yes. Allaah created the heavens and the earths on the day of 'Aashurah, created mountains on the day of 'Aashurah, created his pen {Qalam} on the day of 'Aashurah, and the Lauh Mahfooz {The Guarded Tablet} on the day of 'Aashurah, created Adam on the day of 'Aashurah and gave him entrance into Paradise on the day of 'Aashurah, Hadrat Ibraheem was born on the day of 'Aashurah, and the Pharoah {Fir'aun} was drowned on the day of 'Aashurah, and Allaah removed from Hadrat Ayyub his affliction, and Allaah accepted the Taubah {repentance} of Hadrat Adam on the day of 'Aashurah and Allaah forgave the mistake of Hadrat Dawood on the day of 'Aashurah and Hadrat 'Isa was born on the day of 'Aashurah, and the Day of Judgment will form on the day of 'Aashurah. {Ghuniyatuttalibeen - Tarteeb Shareef pages 756, 757}

Hadrat Ibne Abbas has narrated that the Beloved of Allah, Muhammad said: The person who fasts on the day of 'Aashurah in Muharram, Allah will write for him worship of 60 years and in this worship is included fasts during days and nights in worship. Any one who performs a Ghusl {head shower} on the day of 'Aashurah he will not be afflicted with any sickness except the sickness which leads to his pre ordained death and anyone who applies Soormah {Collyrium} to his eyes, his eyes will not suffer any pain during the entire year and anyone who visits a sick person on the day of 'Aashurah it would be as if he visited all the progeny of Hadrat Adam . Anyone who offers a drink of water once on the day of 'Aashurah it would be considered that he did not disobey his Lord for even one batting of an eye lash. Anyone who performs on the day of 'Aashurah 4 Raka'h of Salat and recites after Surah Al Fatihah, Surah Al Ikhlas 50 times, Allaah will forgive his sins of the past 50 years as well as his sins of the next 50 years and Allaah will reward him with 1,000 Palaces in a group above the Noor {light}. Hadrat Abu Hurairah has narrated that the Beloved of Allah, Prophet Muhammad said: The 4 Raka'h should be performed with 2 Salams and in each Raka'ah recite Surah Al Fatihah once and Surah Al Zilzaal once, and Surah Al Kaafiroon once, and Surah Al Ikhlas once and after the completion of the Salah recite Salaatul Nabi {Durood} upon the Beloved of Allah, Prophet Muhammad 70 times.

{Ghuniyatuttalibeen - Tarteeb Shareef pages 758-756}

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There are the "Doers", there are the "Criticizers/Talkers" and there are the "Spectators".

The "Doers" have no time to Criticize/Talk. The "Criticizers/Talkers" have no time for doing.

The Spectators have no time to do either !

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VIRTUES of UNITY {continued} Surah 3 - Ayah 102-109

In the previous issue, we elaborated on the essentiality of love for each other for attainment of unity in the Ummah of our Beloved Prophet Muhammad . The point was also made that our hearts need to be cleansed of undesirable and negative emotions in order for longlasting love to abide there. We would like all of us to recognize the very significant reality that our REAL NATURE as created by Almighty Allaah is indeed very loving, caring, forgiving, and noble.

The Holy Quran has used phrases like Ahsani Taqweem {best of all creation} and described Islam as Deenul Fitrah {Deen, based upon our real nature}. It is therefore obvious that we do not have to transform ourselves into something we are not. We are like diamonds in the rough, waiting to glitter into myriads of sparkling brilliance once the cleaning and purification has removed the impurities.

We shall now turn to the significance of our True Identity and try to understand the role this plays in uniting the Ummah.

Reproduced below are some moving statements of Hadrat Abu Anees Muhammad Barkat Ali Saheb, Mudda Zilluhu on the subject of identity, from his great work "Manifestations of The Stages of Blessing" volume No. 1.

"Who are we all"

Consider every Muslim better than us.

Consider every muslim dearer than ourselves.

Love every Muslim for no gain but only for the pleasure of Allaah .

Pray for good and betterment of every Muslim.

Servants of every Muslim well wishers, always ready to make dua for them.

If we ponder upon the above words of wisdom, we shall discover that they describe our True Identity and reflect our True Nature. If we, all of us, went back to our True Identity and Nature, Unity of the Ummah is guaranteed.

In our next publication we shall Inshaallah, reflect upon the trap of false identities we are enslaved in and how it has made it difficult to achieve and to put into practice The Command of Allaah to unite around His rope.

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VIRTUES of SALATAD DUHA Nafl - - - 4, 8, or 12 Raka'ah

It has been narrated by Hadrat Anas that The Beloved of Allaah, Muhammad said: the person who performs 12 Raka'ah {at the time when the sun is high and well established}, Allaah Tabarak Wa Ta'alaa will make a palace of gold for that person in Paradise. {Tirmidhi, Ibn Maja, Mishkat, Tarteeb Shareef Pg. 309}

Hadrat 'Ali Bin Husain , narrates from his father and grandfather Radiallahu 'Anhuma: I heard Hadrat Muhammad, beloved of Allaah, say: that the whole day of Friday is a day of Salah and the slave of Allah who stood up at this time when the sun was high till it's shadow was equal to or more than the length of a spear, and performed wudu and a perfect wudu and performed 2 Raka'ah of Duaa with certitude {in his heart} and to receive thawaab {rewards}, Allaah Tabarak Wa Ta'alaa will write for him/her 200 pious deeds and removes from him/her other evils. The one who performs 4 Raka'ah, Allaah Tabarak Wa Ta'alaa heightens his/her stations in Paradise 400 times, and for the one who performs 8 Raka'ah, Allaah Tabarak Wa Ta'alaa increases his/her stations in Paradise 800 times and forgives all his/her sins and for the one who performed 12 Raka'ahs Allaah Tabarak Wa Ta'alaa writes for him/her 2,200 pious deeds and removes from him/her 1,200 evils and heightens that person's stations 1,200 times. {Ghuniyatuttalibeen, Tarteeb Shareef Pg. 309}

The Beloved of Allah, Hadrat Muhammad has said that the person who guards the pair of Duaa {performs 2 Raka'ahs regularly} Allaah will forgive that person's sins even though they be as many as the foam in the sea. {Hadrat Abu Hurairah, Tirmidhi, Tarteeb Shareef Pg. 209}

Grateful Acknowledgment

Ever since we started our monthly periodical "Virtues of Islamic Life", we have received by the Grace of Allaah literally a flood of responses from our beloved readers, ranging from appreciation and gratitude to encouragement and requests to be included in the mailing list. Many of you have sent generous contributions, which have been acknowledged individually. We are very moved and overwhelmed with your kind words and your contributions. While your contributions for this cause {from which thousands of Muslims are being benefited every month} will earn you generous rewards from Allaah InshaAllaah, your appreciation of "Virtues of Islamic Life" in essence is indeed an appreciation of the Deen of Allah Tabarak Wa Ta'alaa and His Mercy, His Generosity and His Love towards the Ummah of His Beloved Hadrat Muhammad . It is also an appreciation of the thoughtfulness, deep concern and love beyond comprehension that His Beloved Hadrat Muhammad has for his followers. We are indeed grateful to the most Kind and most Generous Lord, Allaah that "Virtues of Islamic Life" reflects, the unbelievable grace and beauty of a virtuous Islamic Life. We are also grateful to our Shaikh, Hadrat Abu Anees Muhammad Barkat Ali Mudda Zilluhu. For over 50 years his life has exuded the serene beauty of true Islaam. He has taught what he himself assiduously practices. His words of wisdom are as such, like pearls of virtue, coming out of a pious Mumin, who has recaptured his True Nature and Identity. May Allaah bless you all and motivate us all to lead a truly virtuous Islamic life, thereby starting a global movement towards unifying once again in the full glory, the greatest and best of all Ummahs, the Ummah of The Leader of mankind and the Leader of all Ambiya and Mursileen {Prophet and Messengers} Hadrat Muhammad inil Mustafa, Ahmadinil Mujtaba,

Ameen * Ameen * again.

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VIRTUES of RECITING THE HOLY QURAN Virtues of Surah Al Faatihah {contd.}

Hadrat Abu Saeed Bin Almu'li narrates that I was performing Salah in the masjid when the Rasoolallah called out for me. Being busy in my Salah, I did not respond. {after finishing the Salah] I presented myself in his august presence and humbly said "O Rasoolallah I was performing my Salah {and that is why I could not respond to your call}. The Rasoolallah then said "Has not Allaah ordered that when Rasoolallah calls you then you should respond at the call of Allaah and the Rasoolallah and then obey them?" Then he said "should I not show a Surah which is the greatest of Surahs of The Holy Quran, before you leave the masjid?" Then he held my hand {and became busy in conversation}. When I intended to leave the masjid I humbly said "O Rasoolallah you had mentioned that you would teach me a great Surah of The Holy Quran". The Rasoolallah said "It is

and it has 7 ayahs which are recited repeatedly in Salah and this Surah is the Great Holy Quran that has been given to me".

{Bukhari - Mishkat - Tarteeb Shareef Pg. 260}

Hadrat Ibn "Abbas says that on one occasion Hadrat Jibreel was in the company of the Rasoolallah when he heard a sound as if a door was opened above him. Then he raised his head and said "The door of the heavens has been opened and it has been only opened today, it was never opened before. Then an angel came out of this door and Hadrat Jibreel said, this angel has descended upon the earth today, he never came down before." Then this angel presented himself in the presence of the Rasoolallah and greeted him with Salaam and said "There is good news for you that you have been bestowed with gifts of 2 Noors {lights} that were never bestowed upon any prophet before you, The Fatihah Al Kitab {Surah Al Fatihah} and the last part of Surah Al Baqarah. Whatever letter you will recite out of these, you will receive a complete thawab {reward} for it.

{Muslim - Mishkat -Tarteeb Shareef Pg. 260 and 261}

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VIRTUES of SUNNAH {Continued}

Sunnah and Adab {etiquette} of Islamic Greetings continued

Hadrat Anas narrates that the Beloved of Allah Muhammad said: If one of the Ahle Kitab {people of the book} greets you with Salam 'Alaikum, just say "Wa 'Alaikum". {Bukhari, Muslim} Hadrat Jabir Bin 'Abdullah narrates that the Beloved of Allaah Muhammad said: "Salaam is before conversation".

Thirty Four Sunnahs and Adab of Salaam

  1. The best words of Islamic greetings are:
  2. The best words of response are:
  3. When we meet Muslim Brothers, to greet them with Salaam is Sunnah .
  4. Muslim Brothers that we do not know, should also be greeted with Salaam.

{to be continued InshaAllaah}

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VIRTUES of EVERY DAY DUAS {Supplications}

After washing private parts.

repeat 3 times

Translation: Dear Allah please protect my private parts. {Kunzul A'maal - Tarteeb Shareef Pg. 478}

At The Time of Sexual Intercourse

Hadrat Ibn Abbas narrated that the Beloved of Allah Muhammad said: when you intend to have sex and say:

Translation: "In the name of Allaah, please keep us removed from the Shaitan and keep the Shaitan removed from what you will bestow on us" then if Allaah is going to bestow a son {or daughter} the Shaitan will not harm him or her. (Sahih Bukhari - Tarteeb Shareef Pg. 478)

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Do we need a new School or Madhab? {contd.}

This is the continuation of the extract from the book "Studies in Usul Ul Fiqh"

{studies in Principles of Fiqh} by Iyad Hilal, making a powerful case that while Mujtahids are essential in every age to interpret the established laws, it is totally unnecessary and redundant to even think of starting a new Madhab:

"However, the presence of vast numbers of Mujtahids among the Ummah to find solutions to the newly arising problems was greatly reduced when the doors of Ijtihad were closed. This tragic event took place after the sacking of Baghdad in the Seventh Century Hijri. This led to a problem in the Ummah because closing the door of Ijtihad resulted in very few people who could perform Ijtihad. Thus the newly arising problems were not being solved through the Shariah.

The closing of the doors of Ijtihad resulted in the development of various philosophies concerning the status of the Ummah in its adherence to Islam. These philosophies can be summarized as follows:

  1. Some people started issuing opinions concerning the new problems, from their own minds, without any Daleel or specific methodology of conducting Ijtihad.
  2. Others prematurely jumped to answers without acquiring the necessary prerequisites for Ijtihad, claiming that Ijtihad should not be closed and that the current situation provided everyone with the chance to perform Ijtihad.
  3. Others began undermining Ijtihad, claiming that every issue is debatable and therefore it is up to the individual to pick and choose whatever is most convenient.

All of these claims mentioned above are invalid because they caused Muslims to start taking their desires, wishes, intellect, or someone else's intellect as a reference, while we are ordered to take Islam as the one and only reference.

The doors of Ijtihad should not have been closed because without Ijtihad new problems would not be addressed by the Hukm Sharii. Yet, at the same time the doors of Ijtihad should not be flung open without any restrictions, controls, or requirements. There are actually many requirements to be met in order to meet the qualifications of a Mujtahid, including sincerity, and justice". {To be Continued in our next issue Inshaallah}

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Salaatunnabi (Durood) recited by Hadrat Sayyidinaa UWAIS QARNEE


Allaahumma Salli 'alaa Sayyidinaa Muhammadiun Wa Aalihee Wa'itratihee be 'Adadi Kulli Ma' loomillaka Astaghfirullaa Halladhi La ilaahaa illaa huwal Hayyul Qayyoomu Wa Atoobu ilaih. Yaa Hayyu Yaa Qayyoom


Dear Allaah, bestow Your Choicest Blessings upon our Master Muhammad and upon his extended family and his progeny according to the number of all things known to You. I seek the forgiveness of the One but for whom there is no God, The Truly and Perfectly Alive and The Self Sustained and I turn to Him with repentance. O The Truly and Perfectly Alive O The Self Sustained

This is the Salaatunnabi (Durood) recited by Hadrat Sayyidinaa UWAIS QARNEE , and the inherited Durood Shareef of the Honorable chain of Quadariyyah; Mujaddidiyyah; Ghafooriyyah; Raheemiyyah; Kareemiyyah and Ameeriyyah.
It is highly recommended that those who seek the love and closeness to the Beloved of Allaah, Hadrat Muhammad make it mandatory upon themselves to recite this Durood Shareef according to their capacity and the time they have available. For instance at least 11 times after each Salaat. It should be recited more frequently after Ishaa, Tahajjud and Fajr. 100,300,500 times or even more. Remember though, once the frequency is fixed, be steadfast upon it!


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