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Monthly Address

by Ameer of Daar-ul-Ehsaan USA
Hadrat Muhammad Akhtar Ali

  • November 11 – ‘So you do My Dzikr and I will do your Dzikr. Be grateful to Me and do not be ungrateful’
  • February 11 – Truth About Imaan from the Teachings of Shaikh-ul-‘Aalam, Hadrat Abu Anees Muhammad Barkat ‘Ali
  • January 14 – In the Akhirah, We Receive from Allaah Azzawajal What We Sow in this World. The Most Superb Seeds are His Dzikr (Remembrance)

  • November 12 – To Recognize Divine Gifts as Gifts is itself a Supreme Gift: Leads to Use of that Gift
  • October 15 – How to Aquire the Hightened Awareness: ‘I do not have the fearless loyalty of my Lord as the Horse in the Battle has for his Master’
  • September 10 – VERY IMPORTANT FOR ALL OF US. Essential Understanding and Awareness of How We Become Evil
  • August 13 – ‘I am the Almighty. Whatever happens is from My Power and My Wisdom. To watch the Wisdom of My Power is to watch Me’
  • July 16 – The Best Talk up till Now About the Status of Ameer and the Vital Understanding: What to Remember and What to Forget
  • May 21 – Developing the All-Important Ability To Check and Monitor How Much “Doing” Is There of the Information and Knowledge We Acquire!​
  • January 15 – Allaah Ta’aalaa’s Warning of the Dangers of Accumulating Worldly Riches

  • October 16 – Fear is always unreasonable except fear of Allaah and His punishment
  • August 14 – Sahaabah = Muslim = Only Identity = Paradise
  • March 20 – Karamaat vs. The Struggle (Jihaad) in the Way of Allaah Subhaanahu wa Ta’aalaa
  • February 21 – The Vital Role of Allaah’s Azzawajal Qadr (Book of Destiny)

  • December 13 – What to do & what not to do when Countries and the World Undergo Significant Changes
  • July 26 – The Harmonious Blend of Da’wah & Tableegh with the Grand Vision of Baabaajee SarkaarQudusAllaah (Part 1)
  • June 13 – The Core – How to Get it into Our Hearts. Listen to This CD Frequently
  • March 7 – Only the Love for Allaah Azzawajal Leads to His Worship

  • December 20 – The Fear, Which is the Destroyer of Nafs-ul-Ammaara
  • May 24 – Reinforcement:
    1) Only Eemaan, not enough – good deeds essential
    2) Enemies: Nafs-ul-Ammaara and Shaitaan
    3) Dzikr: Jihaadul Akbar; Dzikr means Remembrance, not forgetting


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