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For those of us who aspire to attain the highest level of humanity, which is the Discovery of Allaah and abide in worship with Him in this world as well as in the next we are honoured to present the Pearls of Wisdom as collected by Saahabzaadee (honorable daughter) Anees Akhtar SallamahumAllaah, of Shaikh-ul-‘Aalam Hadrat Abu Anees Muhammad Barkat ‘Ali QaddasAllaahu Ta’alaa, Sirruhul ‘Azeez, in her compilation titled “Al Muhaajir IlAllaah wal Mutawwakkil ‘AlAllaahil ‘Azeem” (The one who migrates towards Allaahpearls  in the path of Total Trust in Allaah the Greatest). These pearls were selected by her from the historical “Pearls of Wisdom” (Maqaalaat-e-Hikmat) authored by Hadrat Abu Anees Muhammad Barkat ‘Ali QaddasAllaahu Ta’alaa, Sirruhul ‘Azeez who lived 86 years of his blessed life in the shadow of the life of the greatest benefactor to humanity, the holy and most honorable Prophet Muhammad, the last Messenger of Allaah, May peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him.From the thousands of Pearls contained in the 28 volumes of his writings there is no pearl that he did not himself possess in his blessed heart and his life. This of course is the sign from Allaah  babajee-writingHimself that Shaikh Hadrat Abu Anees Muhammad Barkat ‘Ali QaddasAllaahu Ta’alaa, Sirruhul ‘Azeez is a man selected by Himself to discover Him in his blessed heart. The hand which penned the “Pearls of Wisdom” was guided by our Almighty Allaah. Hence our beloved Shaikh Hadrat Abu Anees Muhammad Barkat ‘Ali QaddasAllaahu Ta’alaa, Sirruhul ‘Azeez is all of what he wrote, the perfect Shaikh, the perfect “nothing” who was granted “everything”–discovery of the Creator, the company of the Prophet , the Saints of Allaah and wilaayah (sainthood) for himself.Benefit from his blessed “pearls” my beloved children by reading, understanding and practicing.Be blessed my beloved children, from his “Pearls of Wisdom” – I hope the gates of Mercy will open for you all.

From the blessed pen of Hadrat Abu Anees Muhammad Barkat Ali, QaddasAllaahu Ta’alaa Sirruhul ‘Azeez
Founder of Daar-ul-Ehsaan:

( 1 ) Whatever happens, happens as per the Will of Allaah Divine Will is Absolute wisdom.No Act of the All Wise is without Wisdom, every command is based upon wisdom.“Watch the Wisdom of My Might

  • I am The Almighty, Omnipotent; I do whatever I will to do
  • No one can ever even dare to object. Do not criticize My Wisdom
  • To watch (and understand) My Wisdom is to watch ME!
  • Yours is to watch . . . not to do
  • What I say . . . listen (respectfully, with consent)
  • Whatever I do . . . watch
  • Whatever I Will is what I dictate to be written
  • Whatever I Will is what I erase
  • There is no one who can stop Me.
  • My (divine) decree (Is from) My Power
  • I am The Almighty – I empower (My creation and I also am in control of that empowerment)
  • Conformity (surrender to My Power and My Will) leads to healing of the inside of the chest and (leads to) ecstasy and intoxication”
  • Whenever any person accepted The Wisdom of Your Might cheerfully, Your Might showered Your Grace, Your Mercy and Your Blessings upon that person.
  • Inclusive in hundreds of thousands of pages is the fact, and in this fact are contained all facts that every object of this universe whether it is made of light (noor) or fire, clay or water, is not independent. (The Almighty) gets them to do whatever He Wills, every action is His (with His permission), and His Doings are not devoid of but based on Wisdom and this indeed is the essence of Tauheed (Oneness)
  • Wa Maa ‘Alainaa illal Balaagh (for me is to convey)
  • Whatever is happening at this moment (or happened a moment ago or a million years ago or will happen the next moment or million years from now) is absolutely according to the Tauheed of Allaah Wallaah (by Allaah) Billaah (from Allaah) Tallaah (I swear by Allaah).
  • Qabdh (constriction of provision) and Bast (abundance of provision) both are from Allaah and based upon Divine Wisdom; Qabdh being more beneficial than Bast.
  • The eminence that is in the stage of Qabdh (constriction) in the journey of Sulook (spiritualism. mysticism), is absent in Bast. (abundance)
  • The eminence that is in self reproach is absent in fame.
  • Wa Maa ‘Alainaa illal Balaagh (for me is to convey)
  • Fame is nothing, there is safety in being unknown.
  • There is calamity in fame and safety in self reproach.
  • Self reproach, erases sins and heightens one’s ranks.
  • A treasure remains safe as long as it remains hidden.
  • Whatever has happened to anyone has happened from You (O my Lord) and whatever happens from You, whether it is an endowment or a calamity is based upon Your Divine Wisdom and only for the good of Your bondsmen.
  • Whatever has happened to anyone has happened from You (O my Lord) and whatever happens from You, whether it is an endowment or a calamity is based upon Your Divine Wisdom and only for the good of Your bondsmen.
  • What happens with our will? Nothing.
  • What happens, happened by the Favour of His Will.
  • Life is by His Power
  • Death is by His Power
  • Calamity is by His Power Endowment is by His Power
  • Disease is by His Power Healing is by His Power
  • Deeds are by His Power Actions are by His Power
  • Tell me, what is it that you can do? And have power over doing?
  • In every condition and whatever condition Allaah  keeps you in, to be pleased with it is true worship.
  • The journey of Sulook (mysticism) has three land marks
  • 1. (To know and believe) that everything good and evil is from Allaah  (with His permission)
  • 2. All that has been mentioned above is based on Divine Wisdom.
  • 3. (All that happens to me) is for my welfare only.
  • Till such time as one accepts with a sincere heart these fundamental rules (laws), one cannot find tranquility. Accept with complete faith – with a true heart every good and evil is from Allaah (and) taking place under the total control of the Power of Allaah’s Will.
  • Accept this with your tongue and verify it within – from your heart.
  • Every good and evil is from Allaah only

Completion (Perfection) of ‘Irfaan
(Gnosis = Intimate Knowledge of Allaah 

  • To accept the fact cheerfully that everything good or evil is from Allaah   based on His Divine Wisdom, is the preliminary stage of Gnosis (Ma’rifah).
  • To eat ordinary food, to dress in ordinary clothes and to live in an ordinary house and to completely turn away from all kinds of riches and acquisitions of comfort and luxury and remain absorbed with all the mind and body in one’s work, is the middle stage of Gnosis. To forget everything of the universe and to have no interest in anything except one’s work is the perfection of Gnosis.
  • Allaah   is proud of only that slave who is independent of (detached from and disinterested) in bestowals and fate and is not only not unhappy and critical of events which visit him/her, but understands them to be based on Divine Wisdom and cheerfully welcomes them. And this is the mother (source) of all good deeds.
  • Welcoming all events and happenings, understanding them to be results of Divine Commands leads to happiness.
  • Do not complain about your destiny.
  • Every Destiny is a Divine decree – inevitable.
  • The Lord of destiny is Allaah   . . . leave it to Him.
  • Life is destiny.
  • There is comfort in acquiescence and sadness in criticism.
  • Who has any power over any act of goodness?
  • Taking place or not taking place of every event is dependent on the Taufeeq (Divine assistance and guidance) of Allaah 
  • Whatever Allaah  wills to do, most definitely happens.
  • No one else’s will to make it, gets it made and no one else’s will to destroy it can destroy it.
  • This is the explanation of the Qassaam – e – Azl [The Eternal Apportioner (Distributor)].
  • Neither any one is virtuous nor evil.
  • Everyone is in a state of movement (action) under the Eternal Command.
  • La haula Wa Quwwata Illaa Billaah
  • (There is no power but that of Allaah)
  • There is no calamity, There is no epidemic.
  • There is no country, There is no sovereignty.
  • The appearance of every object (in the universe) its presence and its movements and actions are under Eternal Will’s Control.
  • Say spontaneously:
    • “Neither do I know any calamity, nor any epidemic”.
    • “I know Allaah  and believe in Allaah  only, and my Allaah  is sufficient and enough for everything (He has created)”.

Lessons of Tauheed (Oneness of Allaah)

  • I see (observe)
  • I hear
  • Neither do I speak nor do (anything)
  • I am subservient to the Wisdom of Divine Power.
  • The conjectures of the intellect are incapable of encompassing the depth of Gnosis (mystic knowledge of Allaah  ). One does not by oneself see, nor hear, nor speak, nor think, nor do without the manifestation of the Command and Will of the Creator and King being present in all actions. No one has one’s own independent will and has no power of one’s own will to do anything. No one knows anything of what is going to happen to one the next moment. One’s coming into this world and leaving this world is not according to one’s own will, it is by His will.
  • How is it possible for anyone to live in Your world and do anything in it without Your Will? It is upon Your Will that every other will is dependent.
  • Peaceful is the one who is pleased, satisfied and contented with the Will of Divine Power
  • To be always in the state of pleasure with the Will of Divine Power is the culmination of worship.
  • For Him to give without being asked is the limit of Kindness.
  • When I heard “you will have to live wherever I keep you according to My Wisdom” I became silent.
  • Thereafter I never complained at any condition. Alhamdulillaah ‘Alaa kulli Haalin (Praises be to Allaah under every condition). This stage is the utmost stage of acceptance of Divine Will.

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